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        (a)  Business License

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NO FREE SAMPLE.  15% discount on ONE of any Wholesale item.  For example, ONE of each Combo and/or Single item Plates.  Email or Call us for more clarification.  Wholesaler pays Full Shipment (Standard Overnight or 2-Day).   You are welcome to arrange your shipment for the sample(s) and Wholesale order.  

Cost of sample, excluding shipping, will be deducted from 1st Wholesale order.

Requirements to Maintain Wholesale Account:

   Initial Order must be at least $600, excluding Shipping & Handling.

   Minimum purchase of $600, excluding Shipping & Handling for each order.

   Minimum Annual purchase of $7,000.

Terms & Conditions for Wholesale Accounts:

    There is an annual minimum purchase requirement of $7,000 excluding Shipping & Handling, in any given calendar year (January 1 - through December 31). All new wholesale accounts created during a calendar year will be expected to meet a pro-rated minimum proportional to the time left in the current calendar year.

    Minimum purchase amount of $600, excluding Shipping & Handling for each order.

   Wholesale Account Holder shall not allow another person/corporation/legal entity to use their individual wholesale account to make a purchase. If any attempt is made by an individual other than the Wholesale Account Holder to make a purchase using this unique wholesale code, the wholesale account will be immediately cancelled.

::  ALL SALES ARE FINAL!  Damaged or defective products will be replaced with same items after we receive the damage products.  

::  Wholesaler will pay the shipping to return merchandise to Sheba Foods.  

::  All returns must have a return authorization code to be processed.

::  Replacement products will be shipped back to Wholesaler at no cost.

   Wholesale Account Holders are allowed and invited to also set up Affiliate accounts so that they may earn residual income off the sale of items at Sheba Foods that are made through their affiliate link.

  All Wholesale Orders must be paid in full at time of order. 

   Sheba Foods reserves the right to ship orders through a shipper of Sheba Foods choice.  Generally all orders are shipped through FEDEX, but for international orders, it may be possible to use USPS or another carrier.  

::  International orders - Wholesaler to provide appropriate information for custom form and will be designated as importer.

::  Wholesale orders are only shipped to the wholesale account owners. Sheba Foods does not offer drop shipping services.

::  Sheba Foods may amend this agreement at any time.