Sheba Stew Spice

Sheba Stew Spice

Jollof Rice Spice 4 Ounces :: 113 grams

Jollof Rice Spice 4 Ounces :: 113 grams

Sheba Stew Spice

Makes 11.5 Cups - 92 ounces (5.75 lbs :: 2.61 KG) of Sauce

A true masterpiece. The spice allows you to create a taste uniquely yours, cooking instructions on packet and on recipes page. 

The Sheba Stew Spice has many uses - use as a dipping sauce, in stew or as a soup. A versatile spice. See video for a simple Sheba Stew and Beans Recipe.

INGREDIENTS NEEDED: (a) Red Bell Pepper - 13 oz (b) Hunt's ® Tomato Paste - 20 oz 
(c) 8 cups of water - 64 oz (d) Olive Oil - 13 oz 

See Cooking Directions below.

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Sheba Stew Spice


1. In a blender, add Red Bell Peppers, Tomato Paste, 2 cups of water and puree. 
Pour into large pot. Rinse blender into pot with 2 cups water.

2. Add all Sheba Stew Spice, Oil and 4 more cups of water.

3. Steam 15 minutes. Stir every 5 minutes to remove lumps.

4. If adding meat, use 5 pounds (2.27KG), 75% cooked. 
:: Add 2 cups of water and steam another 10 minutes.

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